Melissa Mash Up – Sandals

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September 7, 2016
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Melissa Mash Up – Sandals

Melissa Mash Up – Sandals


Melissa Mash Up! With their Spring/Summer 2016 collection, Melissa incorporates an array of different styles, colours and ages. Melissa finds their summer inspiration in modern society: a mix of people, spaces and cultures, all brought together by the power of Internet and different social spheres. The whole world united by social media, connecting people from all over the world. 


Melissa launches this range for the sunny seasons ahead, combining classic styles with modern ones.

From traditional to contemporary, from minimal to natural, from East to West, Mash Up connects and blends. From chaos, fashion innovates.

Melissa Honey



A sweet and romantic flip flop, Honey is perfect for those hot summer days. This irresistible design comes in five different options, combined with the small bow placed on the upper.


Melissa Aranha Quadrada



The Aranha Quadrada style has made a comeback this season, by request from Melissa fans. In a brand new version, Aranha Quadrada comes in a versatile color palette, highlighted by the see-through and metallic options. Comfortable and minimal in terms of design, it is one of the multiple variations from the Aranha classic style available since 1979. The oldest in the history of Melissa, the Aranha is one of Brazilian’s favorites.


Melissa Connected



The inspiration for this shoe comes from a mix of different people, cultures and designs. The tratore sole finds linked lines which results in a singular and contemporary design: it’s a new shape for a new generation.


Melissa Boemia Platform



The star of last season, Boemia makes a summer comeback, with variations, to create the perfect holiday heel. Inspired by the remarkable gladiator sandal design, this flatform keeps its comfort with a stylish mood and versatile shape. It is perfect during the day and even more perfect at night.


For more info, images or product please contact us on or 011 885 6848.

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