Giant Leap: Work Smarter, Work Less.

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September 28, 2016
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Giant Leap: Work Smarter, Work Less.




Giant Leap: Work Smarter, Work Less. 


It’s a common adage these days: work smarter, work less. The workforce is changing: it’s becoming more flexible and work styles are adjusting. These days, it isn’t just about being fast-paced and clocking in those hours. On the contrary, it seems slowing down can actually increase productivity and make your workforce happier.

Rushing through the day, filled with challenges to overcome and non-stop emails to answer can lead to burn-outs and split concentration across all tasks. This can affect the completion and quality of projects. More and more, companies are realising that taking a break and slowing down improves employees output. How do you equip an office that factors ‘slowing down’ in? How does Giant Leap do it?






By ensuring that there are break rooms or cafeterias for lunch, people can stop working and take a proper break. The addition of ‘quiet rooms’ in the office, which are constructed to provide a much needed break, can also help in this regard. These ‘quiet rooms’ will have comfortable seating available and may offer some privacy. They may even encourage no use of electronics, allowing a few minutes to completely disconnect. Spaces that also provide some other form of entertainment, (such as a pool table), allow your team members to take a step back and derive enjoyment from the office environment. All of this helps employees slow down and, in turn, improves their capacity to return to tasks and complete them efficiently!













The advent of technology allows work to be more efficient and flexible, thus working smarter has become integral these days. Slowing down and tackling tasks at a steady pace have actually been shown to improve productivity. It’s about completing a task as well as possible, rather than as fast as possible.

Giant Leap knows this and can work with you to create an office that will encourage collaboration, is flexible, designed for sharing and let’s your employee’s take a breather when needed!





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