Giant Leap: Why Choose To Create A Superior Interior?

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September 22, 2016
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Giant Leap: Why Choose To Create A Superior Interior?

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Why Choose To Create  Superior Interior?


Giant Leap is known for creating superior interiors, but you may be wondering why you should choose to create such an interior for your office? It’s simple and comes down to this one concept: superior interiors inspire efficient and innovative work.

How do they do this? By creating an interior that speaks to your company’s brand and values! Once your interior matches your company principles you allow people to experience your brand from the inside out. You’ll attract employees who want to work in an office space that is inspiring, promotes collaboration and celebrates excellence.

“No matter the purpose or the rhythm of the space- an office, an airport, a club, a restaurant or a lounge- superior interiors are about feeling inspired, wherever you are. When people are happier, business is better.”- Giant Leap.



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Giant Leap will ensure that your superior interior has the finest materials and is technologically equipped to make movement within the office and access to information easier. More than that, Giant Leap will work to study and understand your employees, ensuring that the space is optimised for performance while creating a happy environment for your team! Creating a space that encourages interaction and people coming together, can greatly enhance communication and the creation of ideas. Additionally, improving people’s physical and mental space allows them to achieve greater results. Giant Leap firmly understands that people are the most valuable asset and when they work in well-designed spaces they are the most creative, efficient and motivated!

It ultimately comes down to this: Giant Leap will deliver a better place to work, rest and play – a superior interior- created using the most refined and sophisticated techniques which will inspire efficient and innovative work.









For more information: please contact


For more information on Giant Leap please contact Red Marketing on 011 885 6848 or email
You can find Giant Leap in Johannesburg here:
20 Chaplin Road, Illovo, Johannesburg, SA 2196
Tel: +27 (11) 880 1490
or in Cape Town:
First Floor
Somerset Square
55 Somerset Road
Green Point

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