Fuel Food: Meal Plans For Each Individual.

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Fuel Food: Meal Plans For Each Individual.


Fuel Food: Meal Plans For Each Individual.


Embarking on any sudden lifestyle change may seem daunting. The word ‘diet’ often makes people shudder, dreading the dreary food they will have to eat, depriving their taste buds of any sort of flavour as they try to shed the winter weight.

It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Healthy food that actually tastes good may seem like an urban legend, but Fuel Food proves the tale is, in fact, true. Their mission: to provide you with meals designed using the highest quality ingredients without comprising the taste.

With no sugar, preservatives or additives, your food is made with love. Fuel Food makes a healthy lifestyle an easy lifestyle by providing cooked meals right on your plate. Pure nourishment made to satisfy. Fuel Food provides an entire meal plan that is convenient, organic, tasty and effective in achieving your individual dietary goals. With a variety of options to choose from, their meal plan encompasses a wide range of flavours, ensuring a different meal every day in a two-week cycle.

No more bland food. It’s mum’s delicious home-cooked meals in a healthy and convenient way. Your mouth starts to water from the minute you start warming the dish until the last bite, with no guilt.













The meals include:

1. Cottage Pie topped with pumpkin mash – hearty and satisfying, this dish has just the right amount of spices and flavours to make you forget all about the diet aspect. Lean beef mince is spiced to perfection with chilli, cinnamon, nutmeg and garlic, served with mixed, grilled vegetables.

2. Beef & olive casserole – tender, tasty and satisfying, home cooking at its best. Succulently prepared with mixed herbs, tomatoes and olive oil, served with green beans and beautifully topped with crisp almond flakes.

3. Italian chicken casserole – light, yet filling and packed with flavour. The chicken is cooked with onion, red pepper, paprika, basil and an array of additional mouth-watering herbs and spices. Served with either pumpkin mash or gem squash.

4. Moroccan meatballs – lean & mean, these meatballs are mixed with onion, herbs and tomato paste and sizzled in olive oil. Served with roasted pumpkin or creamed spinach.

5. Low-carb pumpkin and spinach lasagne – a delicious and wholesome dish – (pasta used here is a low carb flax and almond), giving you the stogie pasta-feel without the carbs. Layers of spiced pumpkin, spinach and our homemade béchamel sauce served with pan-fried mushrooms.

6. Chicken quiche – gluten and sugar-free, a new twist on the traditional meal with the crust made from pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and almond flour. Fillings can vary, but chicken quiche is always a popular one, with baby spinach, mozzarella cheese, organum and thyme. Served with roasted beetroot or fried mushrooms.






Whether your goal with these meal plans is to lose weight, bulk up your muscles or simply living a healthier lifestyle, Fuel Food caters to your specific fitness goals, and develops the meal plans according to each individual. They will provide you with an eating plan based on your health objectives while making sure there is a diverse assortment to your meals. Every day, for two weeks, you will enjoy the varying flavours of different dishes, all organic and pure, no additives or preservatives.


For more information, please contact: info@redmarketing.co.za.


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