AVON: Why Direct Selling?

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September 29, 2016
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AVON: Why Direct Selling?

New AVON logo - Feb 2009


Avon : Why Direct Selling?


Avon has been successfully trading in South Africa for 20 years. As a direct selling company, Avon provides an earning opportunity for South Africans, particularly women. Direct selling refers to products which are directly marketed to the customer. There is no middleman.

How is direct selling conducted? Through one-on-one sales, in larger groups, online or through a medium that the Sales Representative has set up.  The advantage of direct selling is that it helps to develop a personal bond between Representative and client. The process thus becomes about building relationships.

Why does Avon prefer direct selling? It provides a great earning opportunity for South Africans who are looking to empower themselves financially, who may not have been afforded the opportunity to do so in the past. Avon has always been more than just a beauty brand that sells phenomenal beauty products. They have always supported worthy causes and have strived to help women gain financial security since their inception.

What advantages does the direct selling method have for Sales Representatives? First and foremost, it’s flexible. Sales representatives determine their schedule and how much time they can invest. This means a fuller work-family life balance can be achieved. Avon’s Sales Representatives have the ability to earn an income, work from home and allocate time to goals and tasks they wish to accomplish.






“I am a mother and a part-time student with a full-time job. I started selling Avon after the birth of my second child. My child was in and out of hospital, the medical bills were extremely high; we couldn’t afford it any more. I evaluated different options from various known companies to become a representative, but I wanted something that is flexible. Finally, I started selling Avon and, to my surprise, it kept me going and I couldn’t stop, and now I am a Sales Leader and I enjoy each and every benefit of forming part of the World Wide Best Product. The best of all about Avon is that it focuses on all types, classes and cultures of people.” – Gugu Mabuzana, independent South African Avon Sales Representative.

The Avon method of direct selling is there to help nurture and grow its independent Sales Representatives. It provides an opportunity for financial growth that is both wholesome and flexible. Something that is highly important for many women is the need for a flexible schedule, so that they can help raise their kids, study part-time and for many more reasons! The personal relationship developed through direct selling is not just between the Sales Representative and their customer, but also between Avon and the Sales Representative, and it’s why this method has been so successful throughout the years!


For more information, please contact: info@redmarketing.co.za.

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