Melissa Mash Up – Spring/Summer ’16

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August 11, 2016
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August 16, 2016
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Melissa Mash Up – Spring/Summer ’16





Mixing up rhythms, overlapping beats, combining ages, styles and contexts. Mash up! Melissa finds their summer inspiration in this modern melting pot of people, spaces and cultures, all brought together by the power of the Internet and various social spheres. We’re all united, clicking away and posting, all at the same time.

Melissa launches items which combine classic and modern muses, revisiting the great icons of history. From traditional to contemporary, minimal to extravagant, East to West, “Mash Up” connects and blends various styles. Feeding off chaos, fashion innovates and flourishes.


Melissa Cosmopolitan

Sporty and urban influences are combined in the new Cosmopolitan style: a sandal full of modern stylized design references, with a punch of personality. The tratore sole contrasts with the fine X-vamp, complemented by the closing in the back for a perfect fit. This style comes in cool colours, monochromatic and bicolour options, which are perfect for a multitude of women with different styles. A new Melissa classic!








Melissa Sportech

The Statement Style: the new Melissa Sportech takes sporty-chic to another level. A modern mix of styles in this urban item, with intense lines and an elegant, contemporary bicolour platform. The colour combination and the Velcro closing are some of the features that will make Melissa fans fall in love with this new sporty Melissa must-have.









Melissa Puzzle

The comfortable shape and fine lines seen in this new Puzzle style will be part of every girl’s closet this summer. This fresh flat combines an earthy tom platform with the charm of espadrilles. A feminine, yet elegant design. The beautiful attention to detail makes this style a lovely, delicate option for summer daywear.





Melissa Ninety

A journey through the 90’s combines grunge, rock and punk elements, with an edgy, rebel mood for the new Melissa Ninety. Ultramodern, the boot style with the flatform comfort and the zig-zag shoelace combines with metallic details on both sides. In black and brown colours, with two shoelace options each, Ninety is to be the highlight of this summer season.






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