HANNON: Spring Makeup.

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August 24, 2016
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HANNON: Spring Makeup.

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HANNON: Spring Makeup. 



Although spring might seem a while away, it is in fact around the corner. Pack away the wine-dark lipsticks and smoky eyeshadow palettes, because the time has come for bright eyes, dewy skin and coral-coloured lips.


Full Cover Liquid Foundation


The FULL COVER LIQUID FOUNDATION is developed to give full and long-lasting coverage, especially targeting uneven skin tone, pigmentation marks, freckles and dark circles under the eyes. Available in 8 shades ranging from the lightest shade, no 1, to the darkest shade, no 10. Especially suitable for dry skin, but because it is oil free it’s suitable for all skin types. Blends easily for a completely natural and flawless complexion, leaving you with a perfect dewy glow for the spring.





Sun Kissed Blusher


Blusher is not intended to give you “pink cheeks”. The correct blusher should simply give you a tanned appearance. For the perfectly bronzed look, the SUN KISSED BLUSHER with its unique two-toned colour blend is the perfect complement to most skin shades. Simply mix the two colours with your make-up brush and apply gently on your cheeks, chin and eyes. If you can’t get to a Caribbean beach, the Caribbean sun can come to you.





Eye Pencil


The gel cosmetic pencils by Hannon are soft on application and due to the gel-based formula, flake-proof and free of irritation. Lines drawn with a gel pencil will let your natural skin tone shine through and therefore anyone, no matter what skin colour, will be able to use the HANNON gel pencils.

For a pop of colour, gently swipe the purple eyeliner across your water-line. Or, if you prefer a more natural-look, the white liner immediately widens the eyes, making you look fresh and awake, ready for the warm day ahead.


Purple EyelinerWhite Eyeliner





Colour Blend Lipstick & Lip Gloss

R150.00 & R118.00

No makeup look is complete without lips. HANNON MAKEUP brings you the COLOUR BLEND LIPSTICS that are uniquely blended with equal quantities of warm and cool pigments – similar to the colour pigments in our skin.  Whether you are dark or fair, pink or yellow in complexion. COLOUR BLEND LIPSTICKS look colour perfect on everybody for all occasions.  It applies like a traditional lipstick and have excellent cover and a long lasting effect.

With matte lips being left behind last season, glosses are back in. The Coral Lip Gloss is a silicone based lip gloss that plumps the lips and is a delicious smelling and super moisturizing gloss that does not bleed into the fine lines around your lips. This unique anti-ageing lip gloss leaves your lips with a high gloss finish and colour pay-off similar to any long wearing lipstick.



Coral Lipstick Coral Lipgloss




Moisture Seal


HANNON’s Moisture Seal sets and seals your make-up for up to 10 hours! It leaves your skin feeling smooth, soft and supple, and protects your skin from excess moisture-loss. It provides radiance and such a healthy glow, that you will instantly see and feel the difference! One of the Moisture Seal’s key ingredients is light reflectors which makes the product appear blue in colour. These light reflectors settle into the lines and wrinkles of your skin, reflecting light and gives you an instant, more youthful looking skin. A must for any girl who is serious about looking her best all day long.



Moisture Seal


For more information, please contact info@redmarketing.co.za.



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