Celltone – Scientific Spot Control.

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August 8, 2016
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Celltone – Scientific Spot Control.


Scientific Spot Control



Celltone’s Spot Treatment is a new generation skincare range that is suitable for young teenage skins, as well as older problematic skin.

The key to clear skin lies in keeping pores free of clogging oil. It is vital that the skin is exfoliated, and that excess grease is removed.

Celltone Spot Treatment contains a powerful cocktail of ingredients including Salicylic Acid, Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Sarcosine and Tea Tree Oil to effectively control oil production, exfoliate the skin and fight germs responsible for spots and breakouts.

Products with alcohol and other harsh ingredients reduce skin oiliness, however these chemicals also dehydrate the skin and despite the belief that spot prone skin does not need moisturisation, the opposite is actually true. Celltone’s Spot Treatment provides optimal moisturisation using a special formulation of glycerine, argan oil and shea butter to hydrate without increasing oiliness or causing further spots and breakouts.

There are four products in the Celltone Spot Treatment Range:

  • Celltone Spot Treatment Cleanser
  • Celltone Spot Treatment Toner
  • Celltone Spot Treatment Moisturiser
  • Celltone Spot Blitzer.


Celltone Spot Treatment Cleanser

A gentle and refreshing face wash formulated to cleanse the skin of excess oil and grime without excessive drying.








Celltone Spot Treatment Toner

A mild, yet effective skin tonic that conditions the skin after cleansing, reducing excessive shine and oiliness. The non-drying alcohol-free formula restores the pH of the skin and protects the acid mantle, limiting the growth of spot and breakout forming germs.







Celltone Spot Treatment Moisturiser

Provides moisturisation using a special formulation of glycerine, Argan Oil and Shea Butter to hydrate and moisturise without increasing oiliness or causing further spots and breakouts.








Celltone Spot Blitzer

For use on stubborn spots and break outs. Apply directly to spot to dry out and reduce spots quickly. Can be applied as often as needed.









For more information, hi-res images and product, contact info@redmarketing.co.za  011 885 6848 for images.

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