Avon: The Evolution Of The Avon Lady.

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Avon: The Evolution Of The Avon Lady.

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The Evolution of the Avon Lady



The first Avon lady, Mrs. P.F.E Albee affectionately named the “Mother of the California Perfume Company”, began selling the inaugural scents when she was 50.





P.F.E Albee



David H. McConnell (the original founder of California Perfume Company which would eventually be renamed Avon) recognised that women would make natural sales representatives and would passionately be able to sell his products. What’s more, he wanted to help women gain financial independence.  His first recruit was Mrs. P.F.E. Albee and together they established the long standing tradition of direct selling through Avon Representatives.

Throughout the company’s 130 years, there have been a long line of Avon Representatives, and each with their own unique story. From Viola Morse who worked for Avon from 1951-1962 in the USA. When she started working, she walked 3-4 miles daily to visit her customers – no matter the weather. Eventually she purchased a car, used her Avon earnings to send her kids to college and was hired to manage her sales district. In 1966, during the company’s first year in Italy, Milena Maria Gavazzi Paredi began working for Avon when she was told that it was a great earning opportunity. Her Avon business is still striving today.  In the Philippines, a lady by the name of Soledad Lacson Pena, began selling Avon products from 1978 when the company first launched there. She used Avon as a means to help support her family and contribute to the living expenses.




viola morse 3

Viola Morse



Soledad Lacson Pena Capture - Copy















Soledad Lacson Pena                                                                                                      Milena Maria Gavazzi Paredi



Moving over to Russia, Larisa Nushida with Avon, boosted her confidence in herself. She has a stable income and is a Sales Leader. Natividad Bravo from Mexico has been an Avon representative since 1982. Natividad has not had an easy life, being alone from the age of 15 to experiencing personal tragedies later on in life. She has constantly used Avon to help build a home for her family and continues to thrive. In 2005, Irina Minca from Romania joined Avon, built a team of 612 people and uses social media to help improve her business. She has been very successful and is only 22 years of age! To Alice Mthini, from South Africa, a single mother of two girls, who also takes care of her late sister’s son, first began working as a domestic worker. Through selling Avon Justine products, she has managed to earn a stable income and is now a Senior Executive Leader. She is now computer literate and can afford to send her kids to private school. When asked about Avon, she stated, “Not only has Avon changed my life, but I see every day how Sales Leadership changes the lives of other people around me!”




Larisa Nuzhdina AVON_FINAL_10DIC.indd













Larisa Nushida                                                                                  Natividad Bravo



Avon has a long history of helping women throughout the world. Constantly using their resources to help empower women, providing opportunities for women to continue to grow and succeed. The evolution of the Avon lady has had a long history from humble Mrs. P.F.E Albee to some 6 million Representatives worldwide.

It’s Red Marketing’s pleasure to be able to tell our local Avon Representative stories here in South Africa. Throughout the remainder of the year, we will be letting you know about all the amazing things South Africa’s Avon Representatives have accomplished. We hope you’ll enjoy taking this journey with us!



Alice Mthini


Alice Mthini


Irina Minca


Irina Minca


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