Quiet Or Loud? Giant Leap Makes It Work For You!

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Quiet Or Loud? Giant Leap Makes It Work For You!

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Quiet Or Loud? Giant Leap Makes It Work For You!


The typical desk and chair are considered an outdated notion in today’s day and age. More and more work environments are becoming increasingly flexible to accommodate individuals in the office space.

In any given work environment, your workforce will be made up of a combination of extroverts and introverts. Broadly defined, individuals who are extroverts will be considered assertive, engaged, opinionated and natural leaders. Introverts, on the other hand, are naturally quiet, more creative and considered shy.

It can be a challenge for employers to create an optimised environment for employee’s skills and make them comfortable at work. The space should be designed to accommodate both broad personality sets.

In general, the current trend in office space design is to have open-planned offices. Collaborative zones and meeting pods that inspire creativity and are the perfect spots for idea generation. This work style seems to accommodate the extroverts in the office more, who are naturally seen as more out-going and easier to collaborate with. In some instances, this can be quite hard for an introvert to adjust to the workspace with no pressure. What can companies do to accommodate quieter employees and ensure they reach their peak performance as well?

The addition of quiet spaces, or different ‘rooms’ which employees can use to think, termed “think pods” or have some time to themselves to work on tasks, can make a huge difference. A space that is carefully designed to be comfortable but at the same time does not over stimulate. A calming quiet environment that features calming colours and lighting. Giant Leap, consistently adapts spaces and designs environments to work for both sets of personalities through specific interior design principles, these include spatial planning, lighting and interior design.


Have a look at the different rooms created by Giant Leap, each with their own little touch:


This space, with the comfortable couches and one desk space, is a warm environment.  Allowing you to escape for the moment, and focus on what you need to do. The closed off sides, allow for some privacy as well.

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 12.14.34 PM


These “think pods”, are free of outside distractions. Simpler and easier for you to get your work done, and really provides a work area for one to hash out ideas or concentrate on a specific task at hand.

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 12.14.31 PM


This space although seen as a collaborative environment provides a break, a place to stretch and rejuvenate. Just take a breather away from a desk, away from the computer.

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 12.14.40 PM

The construction of these different areas by Giant Leap provides a way for different personality sets to engage positively with the work environment. There is always an area available that allows one to work how they need too. It means the feeling of constriction or stress to mould to an environment dissipates. Instead, the environment is there to work for you and help you work to the best of your ability!


For more information on Giant Leap please contact:

Red Marketing on 011 885 6848 or email info@redmarketing.co.za

You can find Giant Leap in Johannesburg here:

20 Chaplin Road, Illovo, Johannesburg, SA 2196

Tel: +27 (11) 880 1490


or in Cape Town:

First Floor Somerset Square 55 Somerset Road Green Point info@leap.co.za

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