Giant Leap: The Smarter Workplace.

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July 15, 2016
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Giant Leap: The Smarter Workplace.





The Smarter Workplace


Instantly when one hears the term “The Smarter Workplace” the initial assumption is that this references the digital element sure to be found in any modern office. The term, however, is broader than that.  Creating a smarter workplace isn’t just about the digital age and the flexibility it offers. It’s about customisation.

The traditional office design of a work and desk, with an assigned cubicle for each employee is outdated. Instead companies now realise that employees are not identical and need to create a workspace that allows for choice, essentially optimising the space and employees’ skills.

Giant Leap, workspace interior specialist, is well-versed in designing customisable office spaces with the know-how to create open-planned offices that offer both collaboration and privacy. They create informal meeting spaces for employees to utilize and hash out ideas, as well as private spaces which employees can use when they need to work on something alone. The addition of beautifully crafted cafeterias provides a rest spot, somewhere for individuals to recoup. A part of this smarter workplace, as Giant Leap knows, will of course be the addition of technology, enabling employees to easily access and share information. Ensuring an office is wirelessly connected, and different work hubs are still able to offer connectivity, is paramount in attaining productivity.

All of these different spaces, working in-conjunction with the overall design, provide a level of choice that was previously absent with traditional office designs. The advantage of providing your employees with choice, is that you allow them to work in a way that will enhance their performance and satisfaction. The Smarter Workplace is about understanding that all employees do not work the same, and to gain peak performance you need to provide office designs that will allow individuals to receive the right type of stimulation from the work space to complete their tasks.

Throughout their projects, Giant Leap ensure this choice is present in their designs. The offices created under their supervision are both functional, creative and allow for various levels of tasks to be completed in different locations. Without a doubt Giant Leap, creates superior interiors which are made to inspire.







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