Celltone Launches Sun Care Range With Skincare Benefits.

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July 21, 2016
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Celltone Launches Sun Care Range With Skincare Benefits.





Celltone launches scientifically advanced Sun Care Range.


Sun exposure is one of the major causes of skin damage whether it be premature ageing, pigmentation or even skin cancer. Research indicates that up to 80% of skin ageing is due to unprotected exposure to the sun. Regardless of where one lives, but especially in sunny climates such as South Africa, daily sun protection is a must.
Many people, however, are reluctant to use a daily sunscreen, particularly for the face as they have a reputation to cause break outs and are not pleasant to apply.

Skin care innovators, Celltone, have taken their knowledge of skin care and combined it with science to create a sunscreen range that not only protects the skin but is actually good for it. They have done this by carefully selecting ingredients that address concerns such as free radical damage, dehydration, skin irritation and skin discolouration (i.e. the whitening effect that one often experiences when using a sunscreen).

There are six factors which differentiate Celltone’s Sunscreen Range:
The UVA/UVB factor – Celltone has therefore included Vitamin E, a powerful anti-oxidant, in its sunscreens, to mop up free radicals thereby slowing the ageing process.

Stable filters – Certain UVA filters used in sunscreens also emit their own free radicals when exposed to sunlight. The UVA filters in Celltone’s sunscreens have been proven to be 100% stable and as a result do not release additional free radicals.

Smoothing the surface – Celltone has added polysilicone 15 to its sunscreens to allow for an even surface to be created, enhancing the protection given to the skin.

Added moisture – Celltone sunscreens have added Shea Butter, glycerine and D-panthenol to moisturise the skin while providing sun protection.

Non-whitening finish – Special filters have been used in the Celltone’s sunscreens to ensure that there is no unsightly white residue or ashen tinge (on darker skin tones) after application.

High quality filters – Celltone uses only the finest high quality filters reducing the risk of skin reactions and irritations.

Ideal as a primer under make-up – Due to the inclusion of polysilicone 15, which smoothes undulations in the skin, the Celltone sunscreen makes an excellent primer for make-up, leaving the skin looking matte and oil-free.

There are three variants in the Celltone Sunscreen Range:

Celltone Sunscreen SPF30/SPF50 for Adult Skin
Price: SPF30 R139.90 (XXml) / SPF50 R199.90 (XXml)








Celltone Water Resistant Sunscreen SPF50 for Kids
Price: SPF30 R249.90 (XXml)







Celltone Water Resistant Sunscreen SPF50 for Kids
Price: SPF30 R249.90 (XXml)







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