Technology is here to stay… and Giant Leap knows it!

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Technology is here to stay… and Giant Leap knows it!


Technology is here to stay… and Giant Leap knows it!


A workspace is no longer just a desk and chair. It’s about embracing a company ethos, creating a space that inspires employees, a space which enhances productivity and is beautifully put together. Delving into another layer, more and more technology is becoming a cornerstone of the office space design. The digital era is firmly upon us (it has been for a while) and it’s constantly changing and advancing.

These days it’s all about the convenience and ease of communication. What does this mean for the office space? Giant Leap knows how to answer this question. Technology creates a slicker, faster work environment where access to information is instant and it’s easier than ever before to be well informed on a subject matter.

When Giant Leap creates a work environment it ensures that the space allows for connectivity. Technology is subtlety incorporated in the design, ensuring boardrooms are adequately equipped for conference calls and that office spaces easily allow one to setup a laptop and browse the internet (not confining employees to just one area). However, Giant Leap knows that integrating technology into the space isn’t just about installing flat screens and audio and visual equipment. It’s also about understanding the lighting and acoustics of the space, and using that to enhance the technology. Ultimately ensuring that the environment works in-conjunction with the digital equipment. 

Technology is also about the people, the younger generation are tech-savvy and they want their workspace to be a part of that revolution. An office that encourages movement (something which is at the very essence of connectivity) a space that allows employees to get up from their desks when alerted via their smart watch or phone that it’s time to get up and get moving.   

Activity and mobile based working are changing how people work in the office. They provide the freedom to work from various locations. Often companies will not have desk phones, and calls will be able to de directly transferred to employee’s smart phones. This creates a flexible environment, where one can work anywhere in the office and still be able to receive calls. Collaborative zones will be designed to ensure mobile and internet connectivity is possible.  This means that data can be stored, shared, downloaded from any location in the office and not just at dedicated work stations.

While it is important for an office to be designed with technology in mind, and that a design and technology firm work together to get it right. Change management may also need to be incorporated, this is something Giant Leaps offers to their clients. Ensuring that their client’s staff know how to handle the new work environment, and are comfortable using all the technological features.

There’s another element to the digital age too. It makes the work Giant Leap does even better. Traditionally designs are one dimensional, with the typical print and display. Now with the implementation of 3D printers and Virtual Reality, Giant Leap is able to bring a design to life. Step into Giant Leap offices and they will be able to present a virtual rendering of a design- allowing active engagement with the project and process.

Giant Leap understands that technology is here to stay and they are in the business of creating work spaces that tactfully includes tech while not detracting from the overall design!


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