Replay Reinvents…

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June 23, 2016
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Replay Reinvents…


Replay Reinvents…

 Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

With the SS2016 collection, Replay reasserts in full the brand’s new soul: classy, contemporary, exclusive. Alluringly luxe and mature, at once versatile and coherent, it incorporates five edgy-cool influences: Glam Biker, Army Pop, Sport/Athleisure, Contemporary Bohemian, and Venice at the Beach.

Glam Biker is mostly a matter of opposites as the modern motorcyclist trend goes super glamorous, revving up with bolder notes for daytime, slicker & smoother ones by night.

Army Pop narrates a luxe evolution of the military look. Lots of camo watered down by white hues are brightened up by flashy accents of colour complete with metallic glints.

Sport/Athleisure takes tech mesh, athletic shorts, sweatshirts and nylon prints, rethinking the same in recherché urban mode.

Contemporary Bohemian works wonders with colour, exclusive mix & match prints, fringe and Broken Age rips. It encompasses the very essence of the unconventional style: eclectic, free-spirited, no rules.

Venice at the Beach embraces LA beach style with the relaxed appeal of soft pastels and fresh indigo blues.

Fringe, studding, sequins, multiple prints and many more decorative elements are surely not excluded in this collection only adding to its appeal. For an extra touch of sophistication, there are the Pollock drip painting-inspired designs printed by hand on sweaters, T-shirts, pants and shoes.
A similar structural setup marks the palette, featuring a wide gamut of white and black tones offset by fresh indigo hues, gorgeous greens, pop shades of orange and pink, lovely pastels, plus a fine array of gold, silver and lurex glints. Fits become softer as they play with different fabric weights, while materials reflect luxury and eco themes.
A smooth and harmonious flow of smart fashion concepts, the collection consists of unique items that project a distinct personality. Its complementary pieces make the most of the contrast to both temper and heighten its effect.Replay1a5c45fd9-8930-49e4-84c0-9d803135a57d

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