TEAM DR JOSEPH: Keep your eyes on your lips.

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May 12, 2016
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TEAM DR JOSEPH: Keep your eyes on your lips.


da885da7-b267-4e7c-9095-2952f47902aaKeep your eyes on your lips.

“Prevention is the best cure.”


As winter approaches and the air cools and dries out, our skins become effected. TEAM DR JOSEPH offer a range of products targeted at protecting and preventing damage done by the harsh winter climate to our vulnerable eye and lip areas.


The unique combination of high-tech ingredients from plants and the latest technology produces a revolutionary natural skincare range.


TEAM DR JOSEPH’s range of products that are specifically formulated to increase moisture levels and repair dry skin. Dry, rough and sensitive skin is more likely to occur as we head into colder weather. TEAM DR JOSEPH uses special moisture-binding active ingredients to help provide utmost moisture for the skin.


Daily Vitalizing Eye Treatment – R650

Intensively moisturizing eye care with highly effective natural ingredients for daily use.

Active ingredients for moisturizing, calming, protection and nurturing the skin:

 Adansonia Lifting Complex – Moisturising

Coco-caprylate  – Emollient

Beinwell Extract – Calming

Ginseng extract – Toning, calming, and protecting.

Rosemary Extract – Toning, refreshing and antimicrobic

Sorbitol – moisturising, nurtures skin

Silk Proteins – antistatic, moisturizing and nurtures skin

Wheat Proteins

Pantenol (Provitamin B5) – Nurtures skin, antistatic.

Shea Butter – Calming


Intense Hyaluronic Lip Treatment – R525

Intensively moisturizing lip care treatment with natural ingredients for daily use.

Active Ingredients for hydrating, calming and protecting your lips:

 Adansonia Lifting Complex – Moistursizing

Coco-caprylate – Emolient

Hyaluronic acid – Moisturizing

Jojoba oil – Calming

Shea Butter – Protecting

Sunflower oil – Calming

Beeswax – Protecting

Olive Oil – Protecting

Rosemary Extract – Anti –oxidants

Sorbitol – Hydrating

Silk Proteins – Calming


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