The SKINNY on SKINNY (a best kept secret)

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April 15, 2016
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The SKINNY on SKINNY (a best kept secret)




The SKINNY on SKINNY (a best kept secret) 

Are you looking for a natural weight loss aid that not only helps your body rid unwanted fat but also gives you energy?


Here’s the SKINNY

SKINNY’s special recipe assists in the thermogenesis of the body – here they mean that the body temperature changes – this forces the body to burn more calories as it brings the temperature back to normal.  In other words, your metabolism increases and assists with fat burning.  On top of weight control, the added properties are anti-oxidants that are a necessity in our daily lives.  They are used to fight free radicals that cause us to age due to stress, pollution and smoke.  Lastly, SKINNY promises to increase energy.


To recap:

Increase your metabolism


Increased Energy 

SKINNY Ingredients: Green Coffee, Yerba Mate, Raspberry Keystones & Evodiamine have been specifically selected and included in SKINNY’s formula to assist with weight control. 


How to drink SKINNY

SKINNY is pure with no added fats or sugars and they prefer that it was enjoyed as is; however, they also understand that life is to be enjoyed and that’s why they don’t mind if you add a dash of low-fat or fat-free milk with a sweetener of your choice.   

Add a SKINNY sachet in 150mls boiling water with breakfast and then another cup during the day, it’s fine to have a third cup too!  It’s probably better not to take SKINNY after 3pm.  Please don’t take SKINNY if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or on medication without first checking with your physician.

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