HANNON Makeup : Cool Drama

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April 26, 2016
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HANNON Makeup : Cool Drama


HANNON Makeup : Cool Drama

Dramatic Eye Makeup for the cooler months

Winter is on our doorstep, so it’s time to put away the pastel colours and those short shorts and bring out the darker tones to make an impact when you’re all covered up.Be bold with a dramatic smoky eye this winter.

HANNON has what you need

Black Eye Pencil R118

Most cosmetic pencils that are currently on the market and easily available, are kohl pencils. Köhl pencils are often hard, and flake as you apply them. Flakes end up in your eyes and can cause serious irritation. The gel cosmetic pencils distributed by Hannon Makeup are soft on application and due to the gel-based formula, flake-proof and therefore free of irritation. Lines drawn with a gel pencil will let your natural skin tone shine through and therefore anyone, no matter what skin colour, will be able to use the HANNON gel pencils.


Semi-permanent liquid eyeliner – Black R134

A long lasting, waterproof and easy to use felt pen liquid eye liner that is developed to define eyes.  Once the line has dried it is completely smudge proof as the colour “stains” the skin. Use on its own or in combination with other HANNON FACES eye products. 


Duo Shadow for brown eyes R145

This Duo Eyeshadow is specifically formulated to work in conjunction and to enhance the natural colour pigments in your eyes. Simply apply the lighter shade over the entire eyelid to create a soft and sheer backdrop before you apply the darker shade in the crease of the eyelid or as a subtle outline of the eye.


Super Lash Mascara R210

The Super Lash Mascara is totally unique to any mascara currently on the market. It is a waterproof formula that does not flake or smudge easily! You are now able to swim, party the night away and even cry without losing your perfect lashes. The formulation of the mascara is made up of liquid plastic, along with other beneficial ingredients. Because of the liquid plastic, the mascara can not be removed with a normal makeup remover. As plastic melts with heat, you can only remove it by applying a warm, damp cloth on your lashes, gently wiping off the mascara. When applying the Super Lash Mascara you can instantly see how it lengthens and thickens, while at the same time separates each individual lash, almost like painting on false eyelashes. The Super Lash Mascara is suitable for all eye types ranging from normal to highly sensitive! 


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