TEAM DR JOSEPH: Intensely Moisturising Natural Products

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March 18, 2016
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TEAM DR JOSEPH: Intensely Moisturising Natural Products

TEAM DR JOSEPH: Intensely Moisturising Natural Products


Introducing TEAM DR JOSEPH Intensely Moisturising Products 

TEAM DR JOSEPH has been refining nature and its active ingredients into effective, natural cosmetics since 1986. The unique combination of high-tech ingredients from plants and the latest technology produces a revolutionary natural skincare range.

Here we are going to look at TEAM DR JOSEPH’s range of products that are specifically formulated to help moisturise and repair dry skin. Dry, rough and sensitive skin is more likely to occur as we head into colder weather. TEAM DR JOSEPH uses special moisture-binding active ingredients to help provide utmost moisture for the skin.

Daily Moisturizing Cream 02

A moisturising face cream with natural hyaluronic acid for a radiantly beautiful and fresh skin.


Ultra Intense Moisturizing Cream 02

This intensive facial moisturiser has active plant ingredients. It is suitable for daily use and will leave your skin feeling smooth. 


Ultra Hydration Serum 02

A highly effective facial serum for extra moisture with deep-working active ingredients. It will leave your skin feeling intensively moisturised and can be used daily.


Intense Moisturizing Mask 02

An intensively moisturising facial mask with natural hyaluronic acid and active ingredients for a softer and smoother skin. Apply this intensive moisturising mask 1-2 times a week. 

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