HANNON Skin Care: Combating Oily Skin

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February 18, 2016
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HANNON Skin Care: Combating Oily Skin

HANNON Skin Care: Combating Oily Skin


HANNON has established a daily treatment to eliminate the appearance of shiny and oily skin. This daily skin care regime deeply cleanses, detoxifies, controls bacteria and inflammation and refines the skin texture. Leaving you feeling fresh and protected.

Step 1

Makeup Cleansing Milk- R265

The HANNON MAKEUP CLEANSING MILK is a moisturising makeup remover that thoroughly removes all makeup and cleanses the face of all impurities. Leaving the skin soft, smooth and clean.


Step 2

Gentle Facial Wash – R265 

The GENTLE FACIAL WASH is formulated to dissolve the most stubborn daily grime, makeup formulations and to prevent breakout. It leaves the skin lipids intact so that your skin feels supple and fresh without cloggy pores. The HANNON GENTLE FACIAL WASH is especially beneficial for oily skin types. It is a thorough but gentle cleanser that respects the skin’s moisture balance and improves circulation creating a more radiant complexion.



Step 3

pH Balancing Toner– R255 
The pH BALANCING TONER is an essential step prior to applying a moisturising cream or serum. It is a no-fuss, spray-on soothing and balancing toner. It prepares the skin for better product absorption and evens out the pH balance of the skin. It also tightens the pores for a smoother appearance.




Step 4

Vitamin E Eye Crème – R300
VITAMIN E EYE CRÉME with MOIST 24 is a state-of-the-art anti-ageing eye cream that immediately hydrates and firms up the skin surrounding the delicate eye area, by creating a protective film over this area. It also reduces sagging, minimise age spots and helps to prevent future lines and wrinkles.


vitamin-e-eye-creme test


Step 5

Oil Control Moisturiser with Moist 24– R330
A dual active moisturiser for oily skin. It is formulated to (A) reduce excess oil with micro oil absorbers and (B) leave the skin with a long lasting matte finish.  Oil control ingredients will over time help reduce oil build-up on your skin and thus help solve occasional breakouts. It also absorbs excess oil on the skin’s surface, preventing skin problems associated with oil build-up. This moisturiser will also provide essential nourishment and boost collagen production thanks to MOIST 24.


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