Celltone Celebrates and Donates to the Ebenezer Hannah Home

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December 18, 2015
January 26, 2016
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Celltone Celebrates and Donates to the Ebenezer Hannah Home

Celltone Celebrates and Donates to the Ebenezer Hannah Home


It’s a new year! Hopefully you’re rested and had a few celebrations throughout last year and the festive period?

Celebrations are part of life’s journey whether they are birthdays, graduations or toasting to an achievement. It is an important part of life.

Consider for a moment that during 2016 and beyond – while you celebrate you could be sharing your joy – by sharing with others. How you might ask? Easy really – plan, invite and enjoy, but keep aside 10% of the cost of your celebratory fund and donate these funds to the less fortunate.

During December 2015, Celltone launched the #CelebrateAndDonate campaign. They began by offering a pamper day for the members of The Ebenezer Hannah Home, a non-profit organization that houses, feeds and clothes 144 people including orphans, the elderly and the HIV positive.

Founded in 1992, Ebenezer Hannah Home was originally created as a place that would uplift the community and would alleviate the amount of destitute people on the streets, as well as assisting the department of social services in taking in children who are abused and abandoned.

With giving being an integral part of Celltone’s brand, Celltone put out a challenge that for every 100% of what you plan on spending for your celebration, donate 10% to the less fortunate. Celltone’s movement, that acknowledges the importance of celebrating but aims to balance it with the goodness of donating, was felt the most by the elderly who had never had the opportunity to receive a facial or massage in their lives before. “It was wonderful! With being in remission for cancer,This was wonderful”- said an elderly lady. Another broke into a dance saying her joints were supple and the massage brought that spring back into her step.

Celltone’s CEO Abdulla Miya says “Celebrations are an important and integral part of the magic of our lives. However, whilst we celebrate (and we must) we know that there are many that are less fortunate than ourselves. This is not about Celltone, we would just like to encourage that every time we celebrate, we donate. “

If you have an upcoming celebration, whether it is a birthday, a year end function, a wedding, a kiddies’ party or a company milestone.  Celltone urges you to donate 10% of what you plan to spend on your celebration and pass this on to those in need.


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