TEAM DR JOSEPH: Life Begins The Day You Plant A Garden

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October 1, 2015
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TEAM DR JOSEPH: Life Begins The Day You Plant A Garden

TEAM DR JOSEPH: Life Begins The Day You Plant A Garden




TEAM DR JOSEPH refines the powerful active ingredients from nature to their highest level into powerful cosmetic products. 

Dr. Joseph stands in his laboratory. The window before him shows a clear view of the countryside. It looks out over his garden, with its myriad plants, herbs and ingredients, which he has cherished, cared for and above all, loved for decades.

The story of Dr. Joseph began almost 40 years ago. After a sporting accident, the young Joseph sought natural remedies as alternatives to surgery. The path he followed not only healed him, but led to an impressive success story. Today, his pioneering company in South Tyrol, located in an idyllic Alpine/Mediterranean landscape, produces the highest level natural products. This family company combines an understanding of nature and knowledge of naturopathy with the latest research to develop unique, strong products.

Where does the name TEAM DR JOSEPH come from? In the 21st century, excellence can only come from professional teams. The TEAM provides the winning formula: an integration between the company’s work, the genius of nature, established knowledge, modern technology and the needs and experiences of customers. The point is not the individual parts, but the interconnection among these parts.

Today, the TEAM uses the latest microtechnologies to make high-tech refinements to the effects and aesthetics of nature. With its recently developed cosmetics, TEAM DR JOSEPH has managed to create symbiosis between nature and technology, in the process creating a new category of products: High-tech natural cosmetics. This combination of high-tech plant components and the latest technology provides your skin with a revolutionary sense of wellbeing.

The foundation of these cosmetics is a carrier system that absorbs readily into the skin with protective microemulsions based on liposomes, nanosomes, vegetable lipoproteins, stabilizing vitamins, natural fragrances and a smart system of preservatives, free from alcohol. The delivery system functions mainly to protect the hydrolipid films in the skin barrier and is an optimal carrier for special plant extracts. It respects, protects and supports the skin’s natural balance. The smart system of preservatives not only protects the carrier system and its powerful components from oxidation, free radicals, degrading enzymes, bacteria and fungi; it also protects your skin’s physiological flora. The powerful active ingredients are incorporated into this high-quality matrix. These ingredients include highly effective herbal antioxidants that seek out radicals to efficiently protect cells. They promote the skin’s antioxidant processes and cell-regeneration functions, providing long-term improvement to metabolic processes deep in your skin. They provide an autonomous skin health; you can feel the effects immediately.

The innovative complexes of active ingredients in the different products counteract skin aging in three ways: they prevent elastase, which is responsible for degrading skin elasticity, by 50%; they reduce xanthine oxidase, which is responsible for cellular aging, by 75%; and they reduce collagen degradation by 51% (according to in-vitro studies).

TEAM DR JOSEPH’s secret is not hidden in the individual components, but in the unique connections found in the interplay between them. Each plant extract contains specific components. So-called “phytocosmetics” are based on the concept of combining diverse plant
extracts with each other in a synergy that optimizes the effectiveness of the individual extracts. TEAM DR JOSEPH combines the individual components into a perfect synergy, ideal for your skin’s sense of well-being.

TEAM DR JOSEPH is subjected to strict quality controls as a producer of certified organic natural cosmetics. Of course, the cosmetics are free of animal testing, artificial fragrances and colors, paraffin, paraben and silicone. TEAM DR JOSEPH is high-tech, highly effective, certified organic and natural.

The symbiotic unity between nature and technology can be seen in the timeless design of the product line. It is not only pleasing to the eye, but shows off the luxurious ingredients as well. Inside this splendid packaging you will find gentle, natural and sensitive fragrances that seem to lead you through a garden where nature is flourishing. The company’s key concerns are reflected here, capturing the diversity and creativity of nature as gently as possible. According to Dr. Joseph, when you work with nature, there is always a touch of awe in the air, “because even the most expensive work in a laboratory cannot compete with the intelligence of plants.”

Experience for yourself how the new skin care line from TEAM DR JOSEPH feels. Give your skin a revolutionary sense of wellbeing!




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