Resulté Hair today, not gone tomorrow!

July 31, 2015
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August 4, 2015
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Resulté Hair today, not gone tomorrow!

Hair today, not gone tomorrow!


Proof is in the pudding, or so they say. At Resulté the proof is in having more hair.
Hair loss is an affliction often affecting self-esteem, psychological wellbeing and even relationships. If you suffer from hair loss, you’re not alone. Hair loss is a common problem across South Africa not only affecting men, but women too. But it can be stopped.

Most of the conventional hair loss treatments have had inconsistent, unreliable results that are often not clinically proven. Resulté gives men and women a straightforward, effective and pharmaceutically derived product that has proven results – hence the name, Resulté. Resulté is proud to share the results of those who have tried and tested the Hair Loss Tonic. Approached by an ecstatic client, Julian, he has given the brand a testimonial of his experience with the brand.

Julian, why did you start using it the Resulté Hair Loss Tonic?
“Over a two year period, I noticed a significant amount of loss of hair.  Still being relatively young, this was not ideal and I asked my wife to look for a product I could use to remedy the situation.  She came home with Resulté.”
Julian, when did you notice a difference in your hairs growth?
“Two weeks later I was extremely surprised with the significant regrowth.”
Julian, what is your overall impression of the Resulté Hair Loss Tonic?
“A fantastic product that has taken the emotional stress of thinning hair away.  I recommend Resulté to friends and business associates confidently.”

Resulté has been carefully created to deliver the best possible results immediately. The almost all natural formula is highly effective at stimulating the hair follicles and scalp circulation for several hours after application, promoting thicker and stronger hair.
Resulté is prescribed for both male and female pattern baldness arising from poor circulation, everyday stress or invasive treatments such as chemotherapy. Resulté has had the best results for hair loss associated with poor scalp circulation (essential to the metabolic function of the hair matrix cell, by carrying vital oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicle). During trials: 89% of users promoted the effectiveness of Resulté; 50% stated they experienced no further hair loss; 50% confirmed that Resulté stimulated hair growth; 79% said their hair had become thicker and stronger; 64% saw noticeable results within the first month; and of the 71% that regularly used Resulté, 98% saw results during the trial period.

About the creators of Resulté:
Resulté is an innovation of Professor Aubrey Parsons, Promise Brand Specialists and CosmoPro.
Promise Brand Specialists is a leading creative agency with a host of market segment brands within their stable. The agency prides itself on delivering results and achieving a solid return on their client’s marketing investment. They have been a driving force behind some of the country’s best loved brands. They believe product design and presentation is critical to brand presence and consumer trust.
CosmoPro specialises in the development and manufacture of cosmetic brands. CosmoPro has been instrumental in the creation of brands from the ground up, encompassing formulation, package design and retail positioning.
Professor Parsons, an industry leader, was instrumental in the creation of the highly respected and successful Nimue and Black Like Me branded products.
As with these brands, our focus is to launch Resulté as a new and result focussed product




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