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July 1, 2015
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QMS: Eyes And Lips


QMS: Lip and eye care

The skin around the eye area is 40% thinner than the rest of the face and it is very delicate. It is also the first place to show any signs of aging and even as early as your twenties damage can be seen in both men and women. The upper lip area is prone to fine lines, which arise through facial expressions and the natural aging process of the skin.


Developed exclusively for the sensitive skin around the eyes this enhanced eye care combines natural firming extracts with intensely moisturizing ingredients that work together to restore and rejuvenate the eye area.

Ideal for use in the mornings and evenings this silky, soft formulation is both gentle and highly effective in its targeted treatment of fine lines, dark circles and puffiness.


Inspired by the latest in plant stem cell research, this anti-aging eye care harnesses the power of the Alpine Rose plant to create a rejuvenating cream specifically for the sensitive eye area. Cellular Alpine visibly reduces fine lines, crows feet, wrinkles and light swellings. It enhances the stimulation of new skin cells, increases skin stem cell vitality and improves the skin’s metabolism. It is based on a revolutionary technology derived from Alpine Rose stem cells which effectively protects the sensitive area around the eyes. The unique combination of ingredients and technology work in synergy to protect against premature skin aging. The silky smooth texture is quickly absorbed by the skin and noticeably rejuvenates the tired area around the eyes. Cellular Alpine leaves the sensitive area around the eyes radiant and rejuvenated. Cellular Alpine is suitable for all skin types. Every time you apply Cellular Alpine the life span of the skin stem cells will be significantly extended and skin aging of the sensitive area around the eyes distinctively decelerated.


Formulated exclusively for the upper lip area, this high-performance serum is based on an innovative active ingredient complex designed to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles often found in the lip zone. The skin’ surface is instantly smoothed whilst with regular use the lip contour and upper lip area are restored to a more youthful appearance.

A lightweight serum exclusively formulated to reduce fine lines and wrinkles in the upper lip area.
Based on synergistic effect of 4-fold Hyaluronic acid, Wakame seaweed extract and Phytosterols.Q3

Futurethis 0860 01 80 22 or info@futurethis.co.za

QMS Medicosmetics is available from Futurethis Consultancy (Pty) Ltd 21 Chaplin Rd cnr Oxford Rd, Illovo 0860 01 80 22 and online at www.futurethis.co.za.

Company Brief
Over 25 years ago Dr. med. Erich Schulte, a leading traumatologist, cosmetic surgeon and skincare pioneer, founded QMS Medicosmetics. His vision was to design a unique skincare system that today is regarded as one of the most effective to be found. Each sophisticated formulation demonstrates Dr. Schulte’s passion for advancing the science of skincare; he combines the highest quality ingredients with cutting edge techniques whilst maintaining his core belief that he wanted to make a skincare system that is for every day and for everyone.
Since the early days in Germany, QMS Medicosmetics has grown into a truly international brand, though still family run, and is appreciated around the world. In 2010 the QMS Medicosmetics Flagship Spa & Store was launched in central London.


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