Clarks: Work shoes for men

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July 9, 2015
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Clarks: Work shoes for men

Clarks: Work shoes for men


Are you tired of the same old worn out leather clogs that have reached a point where they are slanted and can’t speak? And when you walk down the office corridor people can hear them squeak from a mile away?
If you said yes to even one of these, then you’re overdue for new work shoes. Clarks will keep you looking dapper and professional with the following go-to styles that still maintain their practicality.
First up is the brown longwings, they go with almost everything from suits, jeans and chinos too. Brown is a versatile colour and less stoic than a classic black. For a modern euro look, pair them with tan chinos, blue shirt, and navy blazer. Or you can opt for black in suede with a thick rubber toffee sole.
Then we have the black cap-toe oxfords. In women’s wear these are the shoe equivalent to the Little Black Dress (LBD). They have basically have no limitations – in the sense that they can be worn to the office, formally and to casual occasions. Combine a black pair with a well fitted black suit, Ray-Bans, black shirt and silver tie holder – very Johnny Cash. To change things up, style a brown pair with a fitted skinny navy suit and light blue/white shirt. For black tie events you can swiftly change from the black pair to a sleek patent black pair that will easily make you feel like James Bond. All you’ll need is a martini – shaken but not stirred of course.
Something more suitable for the current season is the dress boot. Simple, yet so chic! Insulate a grey suit with a polo neck (white/cream) and pair with brown Clarks lace ups.
If you have more of a casual atmosphere in your work space, penny loafers are a good option. With these you can play around with different colours from black, brown, tan, oxblood to suede. Penny loafer and jeans have always been the best of friends with jeans. If not jeans, chinos are a great option. Last, but not least is the desert boot. Thankfully this shoe has gone through a much needed face-lift. Its revival has reignited fashion street wear and is now back on the trends radar. Like the penny loafer but more exuberant. From tan, black, red, blue or even yellow. They’re practical yet still handsomely good looking work shoe, especially if you spend time on your feet – they are Clark’s shoes after all.





Clarks is an iconic international shoe retailer, specialising in footwear and accessories for men, women and children. Attention to detail and passion for footwear are at the heart of the Clarks brand.1825. In the Somerset village of Street, Cyrus and James Clark made a slipper that
led to a shoe and ignited a passion that endures to this day.
Designs take their inspiration from far and wide, yet remain quintessentially British.
And every new style takes shape around a bespoke wooden last, hand-carved by
our own dedicated craftsmen.
Epitomised by the Clarks Desert Boot, it’s this unique combination of art and artisanship, innovation and imagination that guides us as we create stylish shoes that are a pleasure
to wear.

Europa Art Group
Head office, Johannesburg South Africa
Tel: 011 455 0917; Fax: 011 455 2443

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