HANNON skin concern: Mature Skin

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June 3, 2015
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June 5, 2015
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HANNON skin concern: Mature Skin



HANNON skin concern: Mature Skin


Many of us have forgone the option of surgical cosmetic procedures and opted for the admirable route of ageing gracefully. Perceived to be the “effortless” can be considered a huge misconception because as our skin and body matures it mercilessly exchanges wisdom and grace for wrinkles and dull sagging skin. Unforgiving betrayal. In essence a shameless and sometimes helpless betrayal. This month the HANNON Skin Care is focusing on mature skin which has characters of deep lines, surface wrinkles, dehydrated dry and at times flaky skin which is a result of under active sebaceous glands. HANNON Skin Care for mature skin focuses on hydration, moisture and improving the skin’s elasticity and plumpness with the following product:

  • Makeup cleansing milk – This is a great, easy-to use remover for those who love wearing makeup but hate removing it. It cleanses and softens the skin prior to washing
  • Gentle Facial Wash – this non-abrasive wash dissolves any trace of stubborn grime from makeup in order to achieve supple skin and prevent breakouts.

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* Toner pH Balancing – this is an essential step prior to applying any moisturiser or serum. This no-fuss, spray-on soothing and balancing toner prepares the skin and evens out the pH balance for even and maximum absorption of the active ingredients.

* Liquid Face Lifting Serum – instantly firms and tightens sagging skin with a cocktail of potent yet light-weight ingredients for the smoothing and lifting of the skin.


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* Intense Hydrating Moisturiser – this intense moisturiser with Moist 24 continuously releases moisture molecules to nourish the skin throughout the day and keep it nourished and radiant.

* Night Crème Ultra Rich – a luxurious burst of moisture before bedtime that injects nourishment into the skin while you enjoy your beauty sleep.

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* Gentle Enzyme Skin Peeler – contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids extracted from papaya and pineapple. It is an essential part to a weekly skin care routine to dissolve dead surface skin cells without rubbing and increase the penetration of active ingredients into the skin.

* Rehydrating Moisture Mask – the deep penetrating skin elixir that revitalises dry, dull and lifeless skin. When used weekly it results in plump, youthful and radiant glowing skin.

* Vitamin E Eye cream- the very thin skin around the eye is very vulnerable to the loss of moisture. This eye cream contains the acclaimed Moist 24 the immediately hydrates and firms the skin. Overtime you’re left with reduced sagging skin, wrinkles and plump eye area.

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This cosmeceutical skin care range targets and penetrates the regenerative basal layer of the skin and is therefore much more than a superficial cosmetic skin range. HANNON Skin Care is for every person who wants to look his or her best at their specific age. With an easy, effective and affordable skin care routine, using only HANNON Skin Care products, benefits and results can be experienced immediately. HANNON SKIN CARE is distributed only through beauty professionals and caters for all skin types and skin care concerns. For more information on these and other products and prices, you can visit http://www.hannon.co.za/

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