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June 24, 2015
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June 25, 2015
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HANNON Makeup: Lips



HANNON Makeup: Lips

Pucker up this season with lip staples that will plump up your look within minutes. HANNON MAKEUP has your lips covered with these colour staples with added innovation.


 Au Natural Nude

Lip Plumping Candy Sugar Lip Gloss – R 105 each
A universal favourite that creates an effortless yet composed look – without trying too hard. The Candy Sugar Lip Gloss is a silicone based lip gloss. It plumps the lips and is a delicious smelling too. An added benefit is its super moisturizing gloss that does not bleed into the fine lines around your lips. It can be applied after your lipstick or on its own for a natural glossy look.


Lady in Red

Lipstick – Mink – R135 each
Red lipstick is a timeless classic that is elegant and versatile for most occasions. HANNON MAKEUP brings you the COLOUR BLEND LIPSTICKS that are uniquely blended with equal quantities of warm and cool pigments to match those of your skin. The result is a modern lipstick that can be used for all skin intensities and shades. It applies like a traditional lipstick and has excellent cover and a long lasting effect.


Berry, berry good!

Lipstick Berry – R135 each
For a cooler and sassy look, a berry toned lipstick strikes the balance between being bold without being overt. Like the Mink Lipstick, the Berry COLOUR BLEND LIPSTICK from HANNON MAKEUP has been formulated to mimic the cool pigments of your skin, thus being able adapt to different skin tones and shades.



Lip Plumping Coral Lip Gloss – R105
Coral shades are pretty. They give a subtle warmth and hue of vibrancy to your makeup. The Coral Lip Gloss is a silicone based lip gloss plumps your lips but not at the cost of hydration. It’s deliciously scented and incorporates a unique anti-aging formula that is not only moisturising and nourishing but gives a high log lasting gloss.


For more information on these products and others, please visit http://www.hannon.co.za/

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