Clarks: Loafers and Boots

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June 2, 2015
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Clarks: Loafers and Boots



Ladies casual shoe trend: Loafers and Boots

The cooler months have now approached and the need for stockings and closed shoes are upon us. This winter we’ll be taking a look at casual shoe trends, namely loafers and boots.

Loafers make great seasonal transitioning shoes, they can be worn formally or casually and when it’s warmer or cooler. This AW 2015, Clarks loafer offer more than just glossy patent, or black leather, or basic penny loafers for that matter. Now in ox blood, which is a popular trend colour, and additionally it also comes in different textures. These can turn any denim and white top combo from “nice” to casually sophisticated.

There’s also a movement with more masculine ladies loafers that take inspiration from the retro men’s velvet slipper with tassels. Made with a feminine silhouette, it’s perfect for the office, worn either with pants or a skirt.

Moving onto boots, the Clarks collection – throwbacks to the late 80’s, with the rebellious biker boot. If there was ever a shoe-shortcut to cool, the biker boot is it. Defined by its black leather, chunky low heel and acres of zips and buckles, it manages to be practical, smart and full of attitude. The Clarks Mezze Rose is exactly this – tough and thoroughly rock ‘n’ roll.

Following in the footsteps of seasons past, autumn winter 2015 once again presents a well-established collection of timeless women’s ankle boots. Standout styles include the Movie Retro boot, which is beautifully finished in Italian leather for a vintage look. Another classic riding boot that never goes out of style and one to keep an eye on, the Mint Treat, available in tan and black. It’s simply beautiful.


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Clarks is an iconic international shoe retailer, specialising in footwear and accessories for men, women and children. Attention to detail and passion for footwear are at the heart of the Clarks brand.1825. In the Somerset village of Street, Cyrus and James Clark made a slipper that
led to a shoe and ignited a passion that endures to this day.
Designs take their inspiration from far and wide, yet remain quintessentially British.
And every new style takes shape around a bespoke wooden last, hand-carved by
our own dedicated craftsmen.
Epitomised by the Clarks Desert Boot, it’s this unique combination of art and artisanship, innovation and imagination that guides us as we create stylish shoes that are a pleasure
to wear.

Europa Art Group
Head office, Johannesburg South Africa
Tel: 011 455 0917; Fax: 011 455 2443
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