Same Scrip, different cast – Whitney Houston tribute show at Joburg Theatre

February 3, 2015
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February 10, 2015
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Same Scrip, different cast – Whitney Houston tribute show at Joburg Theatre

by @TheLukism

IMG_7505It all started with a tweet, and ended with a breath taking show. The Greatest Love of all, is the title of one of Whitney Houston’s most famous tracks, as well as the musical tribute show to her, currently on at the Joburg theatre. After tweeting how amazing I thought the show was when they were in South Africa previously, the on-the-ball team at @JoburgTheatre got in touch to invite me to attend. So off I went, with two of my close family members last Thursday to be spellbound by the unquestionably flawless performance by Belinda Davids.

Before we touch on the show itself, the audience dynamic really stood out for me. The theatre was packed, and had one of the most diverse and varied audiences I’d seen in a while, young and old of all races and styles were in attendance and boy did they all get involved.

As the lights dimmed, the curtain was raised and the crowd silences themselves… a single silhouette appeared on stage and with the flash of a spotlight there stood Belinda in all her glory. She opened the show with a captivating performance, and is soon well into “Run to you” which had the crowd beside themselves with praise.

Belinda is a unique find, she has a powerful voice that almost seamlessly mimics that of the late Whitney, and she hits notes that one would think near impossible. From the long standing favourites like “I wanna dance with somebody”; “Saving all my love for you”; “I learn from the best” and even “Million dollar bill” to the lesser known but still party generating “My name is not Susan”, the playlist held the attention of the crowd, had them singing, clapping and at times every crying along with the Whitney journey.

The high point of the show for me (while trying to not give away spoilers) was Belinda performing “I have nothing”. The show’s team choreographed one of the most hauntingly beautiful tributes you will see in a long time, and as she hit that final note the crowd erupted into a standing ovation.

Closing off with none other than “I will always love you” was the perfect end to a perfect show. Do yourself a favour and take yourself and anyone else you can get to go with you, and go watch this one.

The Greatest Love of All is on at the Joburg Theatre until Sunday the 15th of February, so you have less than two weeks to get your act together.

Shows are 8pm daily except for Sunday which is a matinée (at 2pm).

For more information book at Joburg Theatre, or give them a call on 011 877 6800


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