Throttle Thursday: French flair with Peugeot 2008 & 3008

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September 1, 2014
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Throttle Thursday: French flair with Peugeot 2008 & 3008

by @TheLukism

The Cross-over is fast becoming a consumer favourite with its versatility and “fit anything” attitude. So for the month of September I will be looking at the mid-sized “big cars” on the road. The days of simply taking an existing model of vehicle, boosting up the suspension, slapping on a few racing stripes and clipping in roof racks no longer cuts it. Now the Cross-over segment is growing into a league of its own with real innovation and dynamic design coming into play.


I’m kicking off this month long feature with one of my favourites, and keeping it in the family by reviewing two Cross-overs from the same stable. Peugeot met the Cross-over challenge head on and first released the 3008 (considered more of an MPV) followed more recently by the 2008 in this segment. Both equally as fun to drive and diverse in their offering, but each with its own personality and characteristics.


The sporty Peugeot 2008

I’ve said it before about the Peugeot 208 GTi and I’m going to say it about this model too… you get behind the wheel, put your foot to the accelerator and just start to smile. Obviously a different drive experience than you would expect in the GTi but the 2008 takes the same interior design feel to give you the same sports car feeling in this larger model.


I had the 1,6-litre Allure (with the green kit, but we’ll get to that later), which as could be assumed is based on the same platform as the 208 hatchback. However think bigger, more spacious and flexible to your every need. Drop the back seats and throw in a couple mountain bikes, strap a canoe to the roof, or even fill it up with all the boys for a night on the town, the 2008 can take you where you’re going.


The drive was smooth and dynamic, and is adaptable to various road conditions (four grip control modes: normal, snow, all-terrain and sand). I found the vehicle made me enjoy the experience of driving, and enticed me to be a little more playful on the road.




The Peugeot 2008 Allure boasts an extensive list of standard features, from 17 inch alloy wheels, automatic rain sensors and automatic lights to tinted windows. From a safety perspective, it has everything you would expect to have in such a car (ABS, EBD, ESP, Anti-theft alarm etc.), and also features like Rear parking sensors, Electric child locking system and hill assist.

As mentioned the 2008 has a 1.6-litre engine (petrol), with 16 valves and variable valve timing. It is equipped with four valves per cylinder featuring ‘intelligent’ variable valve timing, the fuel-injected 1,6-litre unit has a maximum output of 88 kW at 6 000 r/min.


Something quite funky about this model, is the extra thought put into the design elements. The roof of the interior has illuminated streaks incorporated in which give the interior a dramatic and fun vibe to it. In addition, there are optional luminous sports decals that can be added to the car, such as the green accents included on the model I tested. Although I loved this add on, I get that the specification is not for everyone. Maybe just for those a little playful and adventurous.Peugeot-2008-59_1800x1800


From an entertainment and functionality point of view, the 2008 has a full-colour touchscreen display, allowing intuitive access to the extensive infotainment offering, which includes integrated satellite navigation, Bluetooth-powered telephony and audio streaming, USB and auxiliary audio inputs, a trip computer, and an FM/AM radio.Peugeot-2008-51_1800x1800


In terms of flexibility, the interior gives you the sense of a roomy car, and the back seats have a 60/40 split which can also fold down to give you the full volume of the rear of the vehicle. In its usual seating set up, the boot has an impressive 360 litre volume with a wide-opening tailgate for loading in all your lifestyle accessories and shopping.


The 2008 is the all-rounded “jock” on the playground, with the charm and charisma of one of the popular kids in school.


3008 facelift 2.0 HDI Allure

244225_Full_HiRes_1800x1800After the enjoyment I had with the 2008, Peugeot SA sent me the 3008 to take for a spin as well.

Well, let me say this is a completely different character, but still fits into this dynamic Cross-over segment (in my opinion). The Peugeot 3008 Facelift 2.0 HDI Allure is a larger and more “regal” Cross-over, but is still a quirky and playful beast. Some may consider it to fit into the MPV segment, but I like it’s positioning as the Cross-over extension of the 308 range.

What I really liked about this model is that you instantly have the feeling of being in a refined and distinctive vehicle, with high-end fixtures and finishings. Furthermore, before we get into the drive itself, the boot of the 3008 is one of my favourite features. The floor of the boot has three different level settings, which allows you to get an astounding 512 litres of storage, and if you fold down the rear seats you increase your storage up to 1604 litre capacity.



Looking at the Specs:244251_Full_HiRes_1800x1800

The new 3008 offers three models to choose from, two petrol (Access and Active) and one turbo diesel option (Allure). I had the Allure, so enjoyed the impressive feel and handling of the diesel.


The 3008 Allure is considered the flagship of the updated range which is powered by Peugeot’s 2,0-litre turbo diesel engine. Maximum output is 120 kW, linked to a generous 340 Nm, all fed to the front wheels via a smooth-shifting six-speed automatic gearbox.


Here’s a sneaky tip, the 2.0 HDi is the most economical player on the 3008 team. It will sparingly use diesel fuel at a rate of 6,1 litres/100 km in mixed conditions, dropping to 5,0 litres at constant speeds on the open road.


Peugeot have also put some serious thought into this face lifted version, with subtle but impressive enhancements to both the exterior and interior styling and updates. The car itself does not feel like a big heavy MPV, but rather a smooth, spacious luxury car with the added benefit of space and flexibility. The 3008 is the kind of car which fits your lifestyle and your personal style for the driver who wants a little more out of life, in terms of style and flexibility.

244243_Full_HiRes_1800x1800 244246_Full_HiRes_1800x1800

Looking at both ranges in the Peugeot Cross-over offering, there is definitely a model that will fit in with any day-to-day activity. My personal choice, as an active single guy, would be the 2008 as it stands out in the crowd and offers a cheeky personality. However, having said that I thoroughly enjoyed the 3008 and if I so much as had one child or simply wanted something more sophisticated and polished, I would jump at the 3008.


But don’t take my word for it, go configure your own model at:


Model Price Transmission kW Maintenance
2008 1.6 Allure 269 900 5 speed manual 88 kW 3yr/100 000 km Warranty5yr/60 000km Maintenance plan


Model Price Transmission kW Maintenance
3008 1.6 Active R334 000 6 speed manual 115 kW 3yr/100 000 km Warranty5yr/100 000km Maintenance plan
3008 2.0 Hdi R410 300 6 speed Auto 120 kW 3yr/100 000 km Warranty5yr/100 000km Maintenance plan





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