Futurethis: QMS Medicosmetics’ Activator Treatment

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September 8, 2014
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Futurethis: QMS Medicosmetics’ Activator Treatment

Our Account Manager went for an Activator Treatment at Futurethis last week and here are all the details:

The Activator treatment is perfect for an event or even your big day, it is an innovative activation techniques increase the supply of active ingredients to refuel and energise the skin, leaving it fresh and glowing. It is that time of the year, for most people, where we all need a bit of a holiday and our skin can get tired too. This treatment reawakens the skin and leaves you feeling fresh and rejuvenated. Especially because the lemon zest smell of the mask makes you feel like you are on a tropical island.

The first step of the facial is to cleanse, using Deep Cleanse, thoroughly. Removing all makeup, even eye make-up, as it has light vegetable oils making it water soluble.

After your face has been cleaned, they liberally apply Exfoliant Fluid, this is worked into the curve of the lower lash and on top of your eyelids. This is left on for 15 minutes while you get a nice neck rub. This is then cleaned off with some Bicarbonate in cold water, the Bicarbonate neutralizes the fruit acid.

The Algae mask comes next, which for me, I can’t have over my mouth. It is a thick ask and I am a bit claustrophobic. The Algae Mask comes off in one large piece and the therapist can pin point where your skin has areas of dehydration, wrinkles that need to be worked on or underlying spots. My main problems are of dehydration, especially from my forehead. Which, interestingly, could be from having ot blow-dry my fringe every morning. The skin is then prepared for additional treatments with the Freshening Tonic.

The Collagens are applied after the tonic has prepared the skin. They use either Day Collagen or Night Collagen, depending on the time of day you go. If it’s before 15:00 the therapist will apply the Day Collagen and after 15:00 you will have Night Collagen applied.

Then comes the best part (not that the rest wasn’t pretty great), the Activator Mask. An Item tab swells up in the liquid of the Activator Mask and the fleece which has soaked up all the liquid is placed on your face. While you have the mask on you get massaged on the neck and chest area with Neck & More. While the smell of lemon washes over you. Very relaxing.


After the mask has been on the face for 10 – 15 minutes it is removed and they apply the appropriate skincare for your particular skin type. The secret to the intensive immediate effects of the mask lies in its application. Applying the Item Tab in the Activator Mask liquid allows the fleece mask to swell. Apply the fleece on the face. The fleece mask fits perfectly on the contours of the face and ensures the skin receives moisture and energy.

I got Liquid Proteins and a touch of Sport Active because my skin had been suffering from a break out and they didn’t want to put more fat into my skin.

Key ingredients of the Activator Mask:

A high concentration of Hyaluronic Acid: Firms and smoothes the skin with immediate moisture, improves skin elasticity and regenerates skin contours

Marine Collagen: A protective collagen penetrates the skin leaving a fine protective film so the skin regenerates and is left feeling silky smooth.  The skin is left firm and relaxed.


  • Perfect for jet lagged, stressed skin
  • Instant effects
  • Refreshes, relaxes and smoothes the skin
  • The skin is intensively moisturized and smoothed
  • Easy to use at home for complete relaxation and wellness


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