DMK hydra louffa: A scrub-free exfoliant

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DMK hydra louffa: A scrub-free exfoliant




DMK hydra louffa is a non-granular liquid gel which works to cleanse and exfoliate dry, dead skin cells. The pH balanced botanical body wash gently loosens dead skin cells as it cleanses, leaving your skin fresh, smooth and supple. No harsh scrubbing or abrasive louffas are required. Instead, this water based botanical formulation which contains birch bark extract, a natural salicylic, gently loosens and removes dry dead skin cells more effectively than a louffa or harsh scrubbing. Traditional scrubs and louffas can not only be ineffective, as they do not have the dissolving action to remove the accumulated dead skin cells, they can actually stick dead skin cells to the skin making them harder to lift away. Be good to your skin with DMK’s granule-free, scrub-free, exfoliating body wash.


Address: DMK (SA), Georgian Place, 1st Floor, Block C, 18 Southway Road, Kelvin, Gauteng, Republic of South Africa Telephone:+27 11 262 6120 Mobile:+27 82 737 9300 Fax: +27 86 638 2502 Operating Hours: 8.00am to 5pm, Mon to Fri



DMK offers an effective skin revision program for all ages, skin conditions and genetic backgrounds. With over 40 years of research and experience in 30 different countries, DMK is one of the world’s leading providers of paramedical skin revision. The unique selling point of DMK products is that they tackle skin issues from a paramedical perspective, which differs greatly from a normal cosmetics style of skin analysis. DMK avoids quick fixes and strives to improve the long-term health of skin.

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