June 9, 2014
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June 12, 2014
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By: Marishka Denicker

We have an office divided, with me being left as the sole survivor on the other side of this divide. Normcore. This is what divides us. I am now left fighting for my normcore life. Come on guys, anything 90’s is cool. Even Jerry Seinfeld. This trend is all about being as normal as possible, but only if normal means the 90’s. One of the hypotheses behind this trend is that it came about because hipsters + the desire to differentiate oneself from other hipsters = normcore. Embracing sameness deliberately as a new way of being cool. The term was coined by an American trend forecasting comany, as a way of being cool by blending in. Normcore is the anti-trend, the much needed simplicity after the more outlandish and crazy outfits of trends previously

Nike trainers, high-waist stonewashed jeans, polonecks, oversized jumpers, birkenstocks and old snapback hats. Seriously? What is not to love? I may not be wearing this trend every day (a girl still needs to dress up sometimes) but I am definitely into it. Normcorers are still allowed to care about their appearance, the outfits are still put together to be flattering and distinctive.  I will be wearing this… especially on these chilly weekends we are having. Bring on that #normcore Sunday style. Confuse me for a badly dressed American tourist any given Sunday.















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