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June 12, 2014
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Yesterday we celebrated youth Day in South Africa, a day where we commemorate the youth of 1976 who fought against the apartheid education system. The youth of the 1976 era expressed themselves by fighting against the government of the time, however their freedom of self expression was highly limited.  38 years later the South African youth are now free to express themselves as they please and it is evident in their sense of fashion.

Walking in the streets of Jozi is a pure example of how the youth are now expressing themselves through their fashion styles. Young people are looking amazing in bright colours, a plethora of patterns, and their blinged out jewellery. The youth are expressing their personalities through their gear and accessories and  it is interesting to see what is trendy on the streets and to see how anything goes, as long as it looks good or extremely weird. Freedom reigns and the SA youth are embracing it to the max.

By: Chimi Magangane.

street trends 1

street tren 3

street tren 2

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