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June 9, 2014
June 12, 2014
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Just a little lesson on trends…

Aren’t these interesting things? The life cycle of a trend is as predictable as the circle of life, which the Man Repeller recently pointed out: But not only that they are pretty predictable season-in-season-out. Oh look, there’s military again. I’m pretty sure I was wearing that last season. Oh no girl, you were wearing utility last season. It’s so not the same. Trends are cyclical and they are for sure going to keep on coming back around. I just recently wanted to kick myself for throwing away my Birkenstocks. Which is another story in it’s own… when I first put those on at a launch everyone balked in horror and then when I took them home they were all even more horrified. I on the other hand was delighted, somehow I knew I should never have gotten rid of them in the first place and they would be the next big thing. Now I am not saying I always know but on this occassion I was lucky. Now these sandals are sliding onto the feet of the masses.

But this dear friends is how it goes. Something new emerges and then 5% of people will buy into a trend in it’s introduction phase. So, when it is still cool. These are the trend setters. And then the rest follow. 15% will then buy it in it’s rise stage, these are fashionable kids. More than 60% of the people buy the product at the beginning of peak/saturation phase while around 20% buy the product during the end of the peak/saturation stage. The sooner you buy a product, the more chance it has of surviving a few months before running out of fashion. And this can often be a very tricky equation. Blink and you miss it, or wait, blink and you should keep it because you never know. It will more than likely be back. The best formula is to follow the rules of buying: buy fashion classics and use the rest to set you apart. Fashion mags have been telling us this for years. Every girl should own the LBD, denim, white shirt, a trench coat, a handful of colourful t-shirts and scarves, a pair of ankle boots, a good leather belt and a great jacket. Keep piling on the trendy items and layer with all that costume jewellery and you are good to go.






By: Marishka Denicker

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