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April 3, 2014
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essence pure skin moisturises…

Changing seasons can play havoc with your skin, but does it have to?  

As the seasons change, so does the moisture in the air. This can play havoc with one’s skin. Summer months have the highest levels of moisture while winter the lowest. This is why skin becomes dryer during winter and moister in the warmer months. Heating and layers of clothing also disrupt this balance. Heaters dry the air; they heat the air around them and in that process evaporates water in the atmosphere. Though clothing protects us from the elements, they also rub against our skin, causing natural oils to be removed and possible skin irritations to occur.
Skin care that solves part of the problem of varying levels of moisture is moisturisers. Essence Pure Skin caters for those skins that are prone to blemishes, and the change of season can do just that, cause your skin to breakout.
It is important to change the levels of moisture during the change in seasons. Essence Pure Skin recommends the following products:

essence pure skin anti-shine pore refining serum 
Triple power! This serum is a true all-rounder and the perfect basis for your daily skin care routine. The fast-absorbing formula with our CLEARDERM COMPLEX regulates sebum production and frees the skin of excess oil. The serum visibly refines pores, controls shine and actively battles pimples and blackheads. A highly effective new addition to the popular pure skin range for a smooth and silky complexion. Here’s how it works: simply apply on freshly cleansed skin underneath your usual face cream. Effectiveness dermatologically confirmed.
essence pure skin anti-spot cover cream
Undercover… The natural-looking tinted cream with our CLEARDERM COMPLEX has a double effect: it quickly and efficiently battles impurities and offers targeted coverage for individual pimples and red areas of skin at the same time! Simply apply on the affected areas, blend softly and enjoy your flawless complexion. Effectiveness dermatologically confirmed.
essence pure skin anti-spot moisturizer
Young, impure skin requires extremely light and non-greasy moisturizing care. This gentle moisturizer with the highly effective CLEARDERM COMPLEX not only offers skin the ideal amount of moisture, it battles impurities in a targeted manner and reduces new breakouts at the same time. Effectiveness dermatologically confirmed. R39.95

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