Have you heard of the TrashCanKidz?

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February 13, 2014
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Have you heard of the TrashCanKidz?

The TrashCanKidz live in The Forgotten World; a place of wonders, dreams and adventure. They represent the journey of millions of abandoned and neglected children around the world who pine for a brighter tomorrow. They look out for each other and make the best of a world that seems hopeless. Each day is a journey as they discover new things, make new friends and help one another to find the next scrap of food to eat. They find enjoyment and adventure where others would see only misery. Theirs is a world of wonders, and the TrashCanKidz invite you to join their adventure and see that the best things in life can sometimes come from the simplest of places.


The TrashCanKidz are on a mission to find people who will become Heroes. Heroes who will be a voice for the voiceless, vulnerable orphans and street children of the world. Through the power of play we want to bring across the very important message that is Every Child Counts. TrashCanKidz invites children to adopt an adorable TrashCanKidz doll of their own. All five of the dolls have unique characters but all have one thing in common, they yearn to be loved. Every time a TrashCanKidz is adopted, 20% of the adoption fee will be donated to local children’s charities through the TrashCanKidz Foundation.

Show your support today! Each doll costs R499 and can be bought online, or from the adoption centre in Sandton City.


TrashCanKidz Head office, Johannesburg, South Africa

Website: www.trashcankidz.com

Like us on Facebook: TrashCanKidz

Follow us on Twitter:  @TrashCanKidz1

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