Secrets By Ana – Fashion and Beauty Portal has launched

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November 29, 2013
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February 13, 2014
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Secrets By Ana – Fashion and Beauty Portal has launched

Secrets By Ana is South Africa’s portal to world-class beauty products and fashion accessories. Secrets By Ana are passionate about bringing the brands of the world to the tip of Africa, making them more affordable and accessible to South Africans and other residents of Africa.

Secrets By Ana’s online store offers a collection of some of the world’s most luxurious and desired products in one convenient online space. Offering the ultimate in choice and accessibility to a growing range of brands such as and specifically: Princess & Cult designer handbags, shoes, clothing and accessories

Princess & Cult 2

Princess & Cult Designer Handbags

Think of Princess & Cult as bold and daring designer handbags. Showing grace and elegant charm, these bags have a youthful edge that carries well on the arms of everyday fashion devotees. They are the epitome of exceptional fashion that is affordable, yet still completely distinctive.  Princess & Cult was born from the Queen & Cult brand, offering the same stylish, chic, cult appeal with a different edge. Each Princess & Cult designer handbag makes a fun, modern statement about its owner, and comes in a number of different styles and colours with details made to suit each individual.

Princess & Cult 1

These internationally recognised fashion handbags were born from a Swiss company and Italian design. Impeccable standards of quality workmanship are shown in the creation of each bag, as is attention to the finest feature. Princess & Cult bags speak of individuality and uniqueness, while aligning with current trends that display impeccable taste. Find your ideal Princess & Cult designer handbag in our online boutique.

Call us: +2711 440 6776

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Twitter:  @PrincessCult_ZA

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