Thaba Ya Batswana the eco friendly hotel and spa

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June 6, 2013
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Thaba Ya Batswana the eco friendly hotel and spa

Thaba Ya Batswana has incorporated several creative and positive measures to contribute to the sustainability of its area and the planet as a whole as part of their Green Policy. A variety of measures have been taken to minimize the hotel’s impact on the environment.

Thaba Ya Batswana have reintroduced several species of indigenous flora in the area, this is done on an on going basis to enhance biodiversity within the eco system. They have created ‘edible and medicinal plant trails’ to educate guests and schools about the natural plants of the area and the importance of protecting the natural habitat. Annual firebreaks have been created to allow flora to establish and thrive reducing our carbon footprint. As part their passion for environment, Thaba Ya Batswana were Cofounder of the Klipriviersberg Conservancy now known as KlipSA.

As well as the establishment of natural vegetation, several species of game have been introduced on the property. Landscaping and water wise gardens have led to a dramatic increase in the number of birds that have made Thaba Ya Batswana their home.

Some of the proactive measures Thaba Ya Batswana haven taken to reduce the impact on our environment:
1. They recycle 97% of all paper, cans, glass, oil, plastic and even ink cartridges.
2. Composting plant recycling 95% of all wet waste. This compost is then used to enhance the quality of the soil.
3. Use HASSAP approved chemicals.
4. On site organic vegetable farming that supplies its restaurant.
5. Worm farm.
6. Rain water harvesting
7. With all these changes Thaba Ya Batswana have managed to reduce electricity consumption by up to 50% by using the latest LED technology.
Hotel rooms have been designed with the environment in mind. A few notable items include:
1. Colors of the exterior of the buildings represents the stone and tree bark to reduce visual impact.
2. Only 50% of Bushveld Suites floor plan touches ground to ensure maximum protection of fauna and flora.
3. Topsoil removed before construction and later used for landscaping.
4. Aloes and bulbs are carefully removed from soil before construction and relocated.
5. Double plumbing system to allow all gray water to be recycled.
6. All rooms have solar powered geysers.
7. All air-conditioning units’ are CFC free.
8. Dressing table leg made from recycled aluminum car rims.


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