Thaba Ya Batswana Lion Cub Education Centre

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February 6, 2013
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Thaba Ya Batswana Lion Cub Education Centre

Thaba Ya Batswana Eco Hotel & Spa, situated in the tranquility of the Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve, is pleased to collaborate with Lombardi Lions. The educational centre, located at Thaba Ya Batswana was opened on the 1st of December last year. Lombardi Lion performed educational tours to schools in Gauteng and the surrounding areas and now use the Thaba Ya Batswana Education centre as their base. The Lombardi Lions family business began in 1999 and are proud to still have their first lion named Nala.

The centre is focused on education and conservation. It’s a harsh fact that only one quarter of lion cubs survive in the wild. Through the centre’s intervention, cubs are taken out of high risk situations, which make them susceptible to natural diseases. Through this project, the rate of survival has increased to up to three quarters.

The cubs are brought to the centre between four or five weeks of age. They are fed a bottled diet and after eight weeks introduced to meat. They stay at the educational centre for up to 12 weeks, and are no older then 6 months before they are placed in a private breeding farm in the North West province- which is like a natural habitat but still fed.

At The Thaba Ya Batswana Eco Hotel & Spa, the education centre has two species of cub, namely the more common brown lions and the rare white lions, which are from the Timbervarti area.

The center is run by Retha Lombard from Lombardi Lions.



The Tswana name meaning “Mountain of the Tswana People”, is an apt description due to the discovery of Tswana settlement ruins that date back 300 and 600 years.  The historic remnants of the Tswana people are scattered throughout the property and visitors are able to observe them from many of the paths and trails.


A decade of passion has resulted in a hotel, staff and a brand renowned for individual customer service. This along with their beautiful facilities and breathtaking natural surroundings, ensure that Thaba Ya Batswana is the venue of choice for both the corporate and leisure markets. 



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