David Llewelyn Furnishings has officially launched

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November 4, 2012
November 23, 2012
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David Llewelyn Furnishings has officially launched

David Llewelyn Furnishings are unique signature pieces, designed with classic lines and an essence of French heritage. Established in 2012, the brand takes what is loved from vintage design and has modernised it into what can only be described as colourful genius. The David Llewelyn range comprises handcrafted pieces inspired by the classics, made from Mhindi wood and stained with rich walnut tones.

The energy behind the brand is about being relevant and unique. With this mantra, David Llewelyn furniture will be adding new designs and pieces on a regular basis. The David Llewelyn product range is from Europe and customised to clients’ specific needs here in the David Llewelyn finishing studio.  The David Llewelyn range is managed and run by an industry veteran Roy Griffiths, who has grown up from childhood with a passion and love for classical furniture. He is formally educated as an interior designer and creates his designs through a fine balance of design and a computer programming technique he has refined over time. With 13 years in the industry, Roy has honed his skill and is ready to launch is signature collection to the South African market and his pieces will accentuate any room in the home.

The current collection illustrates a variety of highly specialised finishing techniques that are new and fresh in the South African market. A selection of 15 launch colour palettes is available to create bespoke pieces for each of David Llewelyn’s customers.

When asked about his new venture, Roy Griffiths details how his extensive background in interior design, space planning and skills in digital design and coupled with his passion for furniture, made this start up a no-brainer. “Furniture is my passion and I love classics! I wouldn’t want to do anything else.”

With a wide colour palette and customized techniques, the David Llewelyn range of furniture is bring a fresh take on a classic love to the South African home and décor industry and any room in ones home.


Colour names:

Cool tones –

DL 128 – Indian Sapphire

DL 0984 – Tidal pool


Warm tones –

DL 0985 – Scarlett

DL 753 – Burn horizon

DL 6023-O – Pumpkin

DL 629 – Turkish delight

DL 6105 – Pink grapefruit

DL 5101 – vintage rose


Green tones –

DL 753 – Fresh mint

DL 4100 – Vineyard green

DL 537 – Lime surprise


Dramatic tones –

DL 392 – Velvet luxury

DL  6023-O – Aubergine


Neutral tones –

DL 6023 -C – Ivory

DL 6021 – New moss

Prices are available on request. For further information please contact Roy Griffiths on 082 389 9392

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