A fashion site for our times

September 28, 2012
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October 1, 2012
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A fashion site for our times

Trendy internet shopping is about to become every fashion lover’s new best friend as Hot Online Fashion launches to the South African market, providing online shoppers with everything that’s been lacking thus far on the local online shopping scene. The hottest fashion deals, showcasing the world’s most current brands, including local “designer darlings”, are about to become as accessible to the online clothing and accessory market as amazon.com is to book lovers and techno geeks… perhaps even more so. Why? Hot Online Fashion offers a veritable fashion shopping spree with free delivery anywhere in South Africa, plus a 100% money back guarantee policy.

“As an overarching brand offering a diverse selection of fashion labels, we are able to offer different brand names for different people at a range of prices. Hot Online Fashion is geared for most of the South African market already and we are steadily growing our offering to accommodate more. We appeal to the general fashion scene, as well as the niche market. Really, the Woolies and Mr. Price shopper will get as much satisfaction shopping on our site as the boutique client,” states Co-Founder and Marketing Director of Hot Online Fashion, Daron Chatz, while Sean Butterworth, Co-Founder and Technical Director of the brand explains, “We have set out to make online shopping an easy, fun experience for the shopper. There has been a general lack of confidence in South Africa when it comes to purchasing from websites and we plan to allay all those fears by not only offering the free delivery anywhere in SA, post office-to-post office but we can now offer delivery to the customer’s door at a very reasonable cost and, even better, for free if the purchase comes to R500 or more. This offering has become one of the cornerstones of the business.”

With at least 20 brands already open for business and some exciting names lined up to make headlines on the site in the near future, fashionistas, trendites and general shopaholics will not be disappointed. Fubu, Fitflop, Havaianas, Cutty Sark, Jonathan D, Skull Candy and Phat Farm are but some of the brands featured at Hot Online Fashion and the site will soon be incorporating some drop-dead edgy local and international fashion names to its fast-expanding catalogue.

More about the digital revolutionaries behind Hot Online Fashion

Take one look at the brains behind the website and you’ll realise that Hot Online Fashion is destined to become the next big thing. There’s Daron Chatz, famous fashion/decor photographer and filmmaker and the creative right side of the talented brain duo. Then there’s Sean Butterworth, revolutionary Apple guru and web expert and the technical left side of the aforementioned grey matter. Together they plan to radically transform the local online fashion scene.

“We have always been excited about new technology and embraced it whole heartedly. In fact, I met Sean when he sold me my first Mac eons ago, and assisted me to set up one of the first Final Cut Pro edit suites in the country. With reputations as South Africa’s digital revolutionaries we were approached by what felt like the entire country for advice and support in the earlier days as we were ahead of the curve.

“At the end of the day we are just two guys who get really excited by new, clever ways of doing things,” says Daron

With over two decades as a contemporary fashion photographer and over 200   commercials directed in the film industry, many of which were for top retail brands, Daron is perfectly positioned to creatively produce a site as forward-thinking as Hot Online Fashion. Mix up this experience with Sean’s brilliant technical mind and savvy Apple sensibilities and you’ve got a seriously hot partnership behind one seriously hot website.

“We have brought together our collective energies with the intention of achieving the highest possible results in this online endeavor. We are driven to bring new and exciting energy to the South African online shopping arena,” states Daron while Sean adds, “I’m inspired by any sort of innovation that makes a sustainable difference to the way we live. Technology makes fashion so much easier to access. It’s made fashion more accessible. With technology it’s now easier than ever to keep abreast of the latest trends. On the negative side this seems to be creating a global ‘same-ness’ to fashion. However, it is also easier to obtain information about styles from other cultures and incorporate them into one’s own style. We expect Hot Online Fashion to play perfectly into this scene.”


Where to from here

As Hot Online Fashion grows it’ll begin to offer even more. From hot items and hot news to best deals and advice from some of the country’s hottest fashion experts, ultimately this will become South Africa’s easiest and most fabulous shopping experience, offering something cool for everyone.


Shop with us at www.hotonlinefashion.com or visit us on https://www.facebook.com/hotonlinefashion

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